Lafitte Trading Company® was founded in 1805 by the infamous Pirate King® Jean LafitteKnown as America’s first great Laissez Faire entrepreneur, Jean Lafitte created one of the country’s first and most successful retail outlets, boldly advertising on billboards and posters throughout New Orleans. Jean Lafitte always provided the finest merchandise such as clothing, coffee, liquor, tobacco, spices and trinkets, all sold at discount prices to the grateful citizens of New Orleans.

Today, his legacy continues...

The legendary Lafitte Trading Company® is dedicated to preserving New Orleans’ rich pirate history, culture & traditions. Our exclusive brands & quality merchandise are created to inspire a unique & recognizable Joie de vivre ~ Pirate Lifestyle with worldwide appeal!

French Chicory Coffee

A true taste of New Orleans! Smell the rich aroma and enjoy our Dark Roasted Coffee ground and blended with French Chicory, bold syrupy flavor...Ça c'est bon!

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Dark Roast Coffee

New Orleans' traditional French Quarter Dark Roast Blend coffee. Wet hulled with notes of dark chocolate, mild cherry and black pepper with extremely high caffeine content!    

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Medium Roast Coffee

Savor the flavor of New Orleans by enjoying a delicious cup of our Medium Roast Blend coffee. A full body blend, with hints of nutty and creamy dark chocolate. 

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