Men's Hoodie - Jean Lafitte ~ American Pirate
Men's Hoodie - Jean Lafitte ~ American Pirate
Men's Hoodie - Jean Lafitte ~ American Pirate

Men's Hoodie - Jean Lafitte ~ American Pirate


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AMERICAN PIRATE: On September 2, 1814, Captain Nicholas Lockyer, commander of the British Warship, Sophia, arrived at Barataria to offer Jean Lafitte protection of his pirate kingdom, $30,000 in gold and the rank of Captain in the Royal Navy if he would lead the English forces through the swamps and assist in their attack on New Orleans. Lafitte said, "You shall have an answer in two weeks." As the Sophia sailed away Lafitte turned to his brother, Dominique You and said, "They assume I am a pirate from France who will do anything for a reward. They have no idea with whom they are dealing with, nor do they realize I am an American!"


Vendor: Lafitte Trading Company®

Brand: Jean Lafitte Clothing™ 

Style: Men's Hoodie

Product: Jean Lafitte ~ American Pirate

  • Unmatched Quality ~ This is Not Your Typical Gym Hoodie!
  • Includes 2" x 3" Inch Tactical Patch on Left Sleeve
  • 100% Performance Polyester, 7.0 ounce
  • Breathable, Moisture Managing
  • Fresh Assurance with Anti-Bacterial Treatment
  • UV Protection / UPF 25
  • Fully Converseamed
  • Dyed-to-Match Drawcord

Graphics: All graphics are applied using a distressing technique, a method by which the graphic is intentionally weathered in order to acquire a worn, cracked, vintage effect.

Graphic Specifications: The front graphic on this shirt is 10"(W) x 10"(H) inches. 

Why is this important to know? Graphics on Small, Medium and Large shirts will be comparable in size to shirt pictured above, however, graphics on XL, XXL or XXXL shirts will look smaller in comparison.

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