Pirate King Coffee™ ~ Creole French Chicory


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PIRATE KING COFFEE ~ CREOLE FRENCH CHICORY: Une tradition Vieux Carré! As with the namesake which inspires our Creole French Chicory, you’ll be drawn through the French Quarter where you’ll inhale seductive aromas of this legendary coffee. Craft this brew into a Café au Lait and be transported to old Nouvelle Orléans.

Vendor: Lafitte Trading Company®

Brand: Pirate King Coffee™

Product: 100% Arabica Caribbean Coffee and French Chicory

Amount: 12 Ounces (0.75 lbs)

Ground Only: Special Premium French Roast Blend and only ships ground.

Shipping Time: 3-5 business days (Note: A business day does not include weekends and/or holidays).